We have been interviewed by The Sun!

We have been interviewed by The Sun! Along with Nick Gould, who built his nuclear shelter himself from scratch, with the use of Andair products, our director Paul Weldon has been speaking to The Sun about how The Panic Room branched into nuclear shelters due to the increase in demand for them in the UK [...]

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PM Announces UK Defence Spending to by 2030.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced this week that the UK will increase its defence spending to 2.5% by 2030, reaching approximately £87 billion a year in 2030. This is indicated to strengthen national defences in the face of an increasingly dangerous world. The announcement notes that defence will receive an additional £74 billion over 6 [...]

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Historical Bomb Shelter in the Pacific

Whilst on a scuba diving holiday in Chuuk Lagoon, Pacific, our managing director got a tour of Eten Island which was previously a Japanese airbase during World War II. During World War II the Japanese occupied Micronesia and established a base at Chuuk Lagoon. During Operation Hailstorm in February 1944, the US attacked Chuuk Lagoon, [...]

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Sweden Prepares for War

Swedish volunteers between the ages of 20 and 55 are training to join the Home Guard, the equivalent of Britain’s army reserve, in Sweden as Swedish politicians and defence experts in Stockholm are discussing the threat of attacks from Putin and Russia. Citizens have acknowledged that although Sweden has remained neutral in past conflicts and [...]

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Footballer Raheem Sterling to Include Panic Room in His Home

At The Panic Room Company, we strongly believe that everyone should feel safe and protected in their own home. After Raheem Sterling was burgled late in 2022, and the fourth Chelsea player to be targeted by an organised crime group, it has been confirmed that he will be including a panic room in his home. [...]

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Upgrading the Security of your Home

The Office for National Statistics (ons.gov.uk) indicated that there are around 2 in 100 households that have been victims of domestic burglary. At The Panic Room Company, there are several ways we can offer protection against potential burglaries in your home. Firstly, our namesake panic rooms. We provide bespoke panic rooms to be installed into [...]

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NATO Warns of War with Russia Within the Next 20 Years

Civilians have been advised to be ready for conflict with Russia, with a top NATO military official warning of all-out war in the next 20 years. Admiral Rob Bauer, a Dutch naval officer and chairman of NATO’s Military Committee, has indicated that governments should be preparing for the event of war. Nato themselves have confirmed [...]

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New Consultation and Design Services Available

We are excited to announce that The Panic Room Company can now offer an extended range of technical and expert services due to retaining the services of specialists within the field of civilian protection. By using consultants who all trained at the Home Office Civil Defence College in Easingwold, York, we can now advise on:- [...]

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In-Progress Security Door

Happy New Year from The Panic Room Company! We are already back to work with this in-progress security door for a client in the UK. We worked with the client to ensure the security door set fit their security needs as well as matching the aesthetic of their home.   If you are interested in [...]

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Combining Safety and Luxury

Here at The Panic Room Company, we understand that safety is of the upmost importance to our clients. We also understand that security options should fit in with your home and aesthetic. Our security doorsets and windows provide the highest security and ballistic protection whilst fitting seamlessly into your property.    The Panic Room Company [...]

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