Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced this week that the UK will increase its defence spending to 2.5% by 2030, reaching approximately £87 billion a year in 2030. This is indicated to strengthen national defences in the face of an increasingly dangerous world. The announcement notes that defence will receive an additional £74 billion over 6 years, with the attempt that the UK remains the second largest defence spender in NATO, behind the US.

The PM also suggested that NATO allies should follow in increasing their defence spending. This comes as worries surround states such as Russia, Iran, and China are working together to undermine democracies and threaten the livelihoods of people in the UK, Europe, and the wider world.

The new budget includes: investing in munitions production, investing in jobs, modernising armed forces, backing Ukraine’s defence, and renovating the Ministry of Defence’s Head Office, supported by the National Security Council.

Source: SkyNews.

With this recent announcement, it is key that UK citizens are protected in the event of any potential warfare that may threaten the UK. This can include updating current, disused or out-of-date nuclear shelters/bunkers, or building new nuclear shelters in residential and commercial properties.

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