The Office for National Statistics ( indicated that there are around 2 in 100 households that have been victims of domestic burglary.

At The Panic Room Company, there are several ways we can offer protection against potential burglaries in your home.

Firstly, our namesake panic rooms. We provide bespoke panic rooms to be installed into your property, or we can provide standard-sized panic rooms ready for shipping for self-build. Our panic rooms can be built bespoke to fulfil our client’s needs, seamlessly blending into an existing property, or being built into a newly build property. Our panic rooms are ballistically tested and provide the maximum protection in even the most hostile situations. Our panic rooms include communication devices to contact authorities or personal security teams in the event of an invasion. Many clients choose to store important belongings in their panic rooms, such as jewellery or artwork, to remain safe alongside themselves and their families in the event of an invasion.

Secondly, our security doors and windows offer burglary resistant protection and can be upgraded to withstand ballistic attacks. Our highly protective security doors and windows have withstood burglary attempts and are tested ballistically according to UL752 and NIJ 0801.01 (National Institute of Justice) standards and European EN1522/1523 standards. These standards are the most recognised commonly ballistic protection standards.


Security doors can be installed on both the exterior and interior of your property, providing additional protection in the event an intruder makes their way into your property. Security doors can be used internally to create certain rooms into safe havens within your home in the event of an attempted burglary or invasion.

We have also offered more tailored options in the past, such as security shutters and security hatches.

Paul Weldon, director says “It is important to ensure you are protected in the event of a home invasion. We are seeing more and more stories in the news of wealthy individuals being targeted and we can offer multiple solutions to prevent burglary attempts. In the past, we have worked alongside clients to offer bespoke solutions, whether than be security doors and windows, security shutters, panic rooms, or a combination. It gives our clients peace of mind knowing their home is protected and to know there is a safe haven to retreat to in the event of an attempted invasion.”

If you would like to upgrade the security of your home, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1709 730 260 or by emailing