With the ongoing war in Ukraine and the current conflict in Gaza and Israel, there are concerns regarding the possibility of nuclear war.

The German Council on Foreign Relations commented that “Russia represents the greatest and most urgent threat to Nato countries” and suggests that Nato countries prepare themselves for the possibility of another war breaking out in Europe (Independent, 2023).

The head of Poland’s national security agency has estimated that Russia could attack Nato countries within three years (Nasz Dziennik, 2023).

This also comes in a time where the White House has indicated that the US is running out of money to support Ukraine (Independent, 2023).

Paul Weldon, director of The Panic Room Company, comments “the reality of the Ukraine war really hit us in western Europe as it is so close to home. We have seen enquiries rise in Europe with concerned about the close proximity of the Ukraine war. Clients have expressed that they feel safe knowing they have a contingency plan, such as a nuclear shelter, in the event that things escalate.”

This news also comes as the Prime Minister of Joan, Fumio Kishida, has advocated for strengthening Japan’s defensive capabilities (Japan Today, 2023). In Tokyo, a recent evacuation drill was carried out in a subway station to simulate an overseas attack. It is suggested that Japan are becoming increasingly concerned about the threat of nuclear war due to their neighbours – Russia, China, and North Korea, who all possess nuclear weapon arsenals.

In 2002, the Japan Shelter Association, indicated that Japan only has shelter capacity for around 0.02% of it’s population, compared to that of 100% for Switzerland.

It is noted that Japan is also behind in EMP protection. Electromagnetic pulse attacks can paralyse communication and social infrastructure, making communication equipment unusable.

Paul Weldon comments further: “It is important when considering a nuclear shelter in your residential or commercial property to consider EMP attacks and the electronic devices you use. Our custom-made nuclear bunkers protect against EMP attacks that may be used during a nuclear war, along with the standard protection we provide.”

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