With the recent news of the conflict in Israel and Gaza, civilians remain protected using safe rooms in their homes. Since the 1990s, newly built buildings in Israel have had safe rooms to provide a sanctuary from bombs and air strikes. However, unfortunately, this is not commonplace in Gaza.

A British-Israeli citizen remained in his safe room for 12 hours and was protected whilst their house was invaded by Hamas militants.

Residents of Israel use safe rooms regularly for bomb threats but not armed attacks from inside the property. Many safe rooms in Israel do not have locks and one woman had to barricade her safe room to protect from an incoming attack.

It is important to have a safe area in any property to escape to in the event of civil unrest or the threat of an armed invasion.

We regularly design, manufacture, and install custom-made panic/safe rooms, however, we have now begun to manufacture standard-sized panic rooms to be shipped to clients for self-build. This idea, developed since the Ukraine war and the current conflict in Israel, allows anyone to fit their own self-build panic rooms wherever they are in the world.

If you are interested in ordering your own panic room for self-build, or if you are interested in enquiring about a custom-made panic room, please do not hesitate to contact us.