Millions of phone users across the UK received a test emergency alert on Sunday the 23rd of April as part of a new national emergency alert system. The alert sounded for 10 seconds and notified users that the alert was a ‘test’ and that this new service would alert people if there was a “life-threatening emergency nearby”.

In a real emergency, the alert will provide instructions as to how to keep yourself and others safe. Phones that were powered off or on airplane mode did not receive the alert.

The system is modelled on similar systems that are available in the US, Canada, and Japan. The alert system in these countries has provided useful, especially during severe weather events. In the UK this alert can be important to notify people of wildfires or flooding. Although the UK government has reiterated that the alert system is just a trial run for public safety concerns and there is no evidence that there are any immediate concerns for threat of nuclear war, it is indicated that the emergency alert system could be used for terror attacks or nuclear threats.

“The government’s number one job is to keep people safe, and this is another tool in the toolkit for emergency situations, such as flooding or wildfires, and where there is a genuine risk to life. So, it really is the sound that could save your life” indicated Oliver Dowden, deputy prime minister.

In the event of a real emergency, it is important to be prepared. In the event of a nuclear war threat, it is important to ensure you have effective protection to keep yourself and those close to you safe. Our nuclear shelters offer the ultimate level of protection and life preservation in the event of a nuclear attack and its aftermath.

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