When we think about nuclear shelters we may think of more modern times, the current war in Ukraine or the threats of nuclear weapons by countries such as North Korea have people discussing nuclear war frequently, but people have considered their own nuclear shelters for much longer.

In the 1980s a magazine called Protect & Survive Monthly offered details on how to prepare for nuclear war. In the magazines, there were articles on how to build your own DIY nuclear shelter, what protective suits would be effective, and guides on how to survive in your nuclear shelter. Each magazine had multiple adverts from British and international companies advertising the construction of nuclear shelters at home. The publication also lets readers know what to keep in their shelters to help them to survive.

It may be suggested that people were thinking more about nuclear war protection in the 1980s than we are today, with some sources recommending more be done about civil defence in the current day. Although the magazine has since stopped being published, we are hearing about nuclear threats often from news channels and online sources.

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Source: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20170831-the-grim-and-chilling-magazine-for-nuclear-doomsday-preppers