We have recently had an influx of enquiries from Dubai, but why is Dubai such a popular place for the wealthy?

Image credit: Aleksandar Pasaric

Dubai has been transformed into a luxurious place to visit and live and is a global hub for business. One of the wealthiest states globally, Dubai has a diverse economy generating revenue from finance, trade, transport, and tourism.  Due to its low tax rate, free trade, and zero income tax, Dubai has become a popular place for the wealthy to move to.

Panic rooms, our bespoke door sets, and other bespoke security options are important assets to any home, but especially when you have a home with luxury goods that you need to protect. It is also important to ensure your valuables are protected when you are away from home, either on business or on holiday.

Although Dubai has a low crime rate, criminals do target high-end homes to steal valuables such as jewellery, watches, and gold.

Alongside residential homes, it is also essential that high-end hotels ensure guests, and their valuables, are protected whilst staying away from home by using security options such as safe rooms or sectional safe walling.

At the Panic Room Company, we provide many ways to secure your property both in the UK and around the world, from panic rooms to bespoke security design and manufacture.

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