Almost two years ago we posted a blog detailing the nuclear shelter we had designed, built and installed for a private client in the UK. Whilst this wasn’t at all unusual for us (we’ve been building nuclear shelters for several years), it came as a surprise to many people as they didn’t realise we did this and they were also amazed that people actually wanted such an ‘extension’ to their homes. Fast forward a year and Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine prompts has prompted an exponential increase in nuclear shelter enquiries here at The Panic Room Company.

It’s very frightening to see what’s happening in Eastern Europe right now and we sincerely hope that the war can be concluded very quickly without further bloodshed on either side. That said, we can also totally understand people’s concerns and worries that, if the war escalates, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection and security in the event of a nuclear or biological weapons attack, could become a real priority.

“When we added nuclear shelters in our portfolio, we never envisaged the world limping from one scary situation – the global Covid-19 pandemic – to the verge of WW3,” comments Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company.

Continues Paul: “For anyone wanting to protect themselves and their family from attack, the ultimate plan would be to commission one of our specialist, bespoke residential nuclear shelters as they are guaranteed NBC protection.

“Using only the very highest quality components in our nuclear and biological shelters, we work alongside the very best global suppliers who are in a position to be able to further enhance our own knowledge and use of technology.

“We have a great deal of experience in this particular area and are in a position to specify and build nuclear and biological shelters based on specific requirements. If you want to preserve life in the event of a nuclear attack, such a shelter that features a tried and tested air and filtration system is the only option.”

Concludes Paul: “We can only wait and see how the current war pans out, but time is of the essence when it comes to creating a nuclear shelter. And, of course, once the shelter in installed it will provide peace of mind and will certainly add value to any property’s price. We do, however, hope that they never have to be used, rather they are available as a ‘just in case’ measure.”