Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared a few photos of a residential panic room we’ve designed and have been building in our workshop. So, you may be wondering how the project is progressing…well we can now tell you that the panic room has been installed and is ready to provide its owners with a safe, secure haven in the event of a home invasion.

Here’s the finished panic room ready to be transported to the property.

And here’s the panic room installed but can you see what we’ve done?

creating a hidden panic room

As with the majority of residential panic rooms we’ve installed over the years, we’ve actually created a hidden panic room. We do this for various reasons, the first being, from an aesthetic perspective, no-one wants a panic room stuck at the side of a room – they’re not really attractive, they’re functional. And, secondly, this provides an extra layer of protection simply because the room is not visible.

This particular panic room is hidden by a bespoke shoe storage and it does the job perfectly!

If you’d like to add a hidden panic room into your home, please feel free to give us a call on 01709 730260 to arrange a free site visit and consultation.