Considering adding a panic room to your property or office? We’ve now made it even easier with our new security walling solution that can be retrofitted into a chosen space within your home or commercial premises.

Using only certified components, we are able to design and build, on site, a panic room to suit bespoke requirements and offer GRP ballistic protection level BR4. This level of protection and security provides complete peace of mind if your home is classed as a potentially lucrative target by thieves, kidnappers or terrorists.

The security walling is constructed, on all four sides of the room, with a combination of substrates to deliver the ultimate in strength and fortification. The walls include 600mm CTS, 18mm of plywood, security mesh tested to SR3 and GRP ballistic mesh protection level BR4. Plasterboard is then applied to provide a seamless finish that can be painted or wallpapered to look like any ordinary internal wall.

Every room built from our new security walling solution also has a ceiling that is made in exactly the same way as the walls and is fitted with a BR4 door set with high security locks and the option of an automatic closing mechanism.

The result? An impenetrable panic room that will provide a safe haven in the event of home invasion or civil unrest.

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