Over the years, we have installed panic rooms in some of the most dangerous areas in the world, for both commercial and private clients.

For example, panic rooms are a common inclusion in embassies. Embassy panic rooms are specifically designed to provide a fully efficient safe haven that can sustain life for many days. With independent power and communications built into their infrastructure, they can function highly effectively as a disaster and/or recovery command centre in the event of war, a terrorist attack or civil unrest.

Creating a safe and secure working and living area is one of the key areas in which we are able to assist with improving personnel protection within an embassy, government building, compound or even a regular company office. But, with the continuing coronavirus pandemic, could we be looking at creating panic rooms for homeowners to seek refuge should social disturbance or civil unrest occur as a result of ongoing lockdown and social distancing measures?

We’ve already seen people in the US protesting against the imposed lockdown. It’s clear that it probably wouldn’t take much to tip some members of the public ‘over the edge’ into creating potentially violent social disturbance or igniting rising tensions to cause civil unrest.

“By installing a panic room in your own home, you can deliver the ultimate level of safety and security for all of your family,” explains Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company. “This is a superior solution to any escalation of social disturbance that may take place as we continue to live and cope with the pandemic as best we can.”

Continues Paul: “Including a panic room in any home is relatively straightforward and can be implemented with minimum disruption. Equally, we can also add a panic room in a barn, shed or other outbuilding. The panic room would include two different types of independent communications to facilitate contact with the police, a fresh or air filtration unit and emergency lighting and provide an extremely safe and secure environment for multiple people.”

Concludes Paul: “For an extremely affordable price, homeowners here in the UK could invest in a bespoke safe room that would deliver both peace of mind and the ultimate in protection against potential attack or assault.”