It is increasingly clear that coronavirus will continue to pose a threat for many months, if not years, to come so having a means to protect yourself and your family as best you can are becoming paramount for many people.

“We’ve had a number of individuals contacting us to discuss how a nuclear shelter, or even a panic room, could be utilised as an isolation area in the event of contracting the virus or self-isolating if you’re worried you may have symptoms,” states Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company.

“Every nuclear shelter we have installed has been specifically designed to provide the ultimate in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection and security should a nuclear or biological attack occur. This makes such shelters ideal for anyone wanting to shield themselves, or indeed any vulnerable family members who have been requested, by the UK Government, to remain at home for three months.

“It is also possible to equip a panic or safe room, within your home, to these specifications. We see this an ideal option for creating your very own clean room if required for isolation during the pandemic or, indeed, any other highly infectious virus or disease.”

Continues Paul: “The initial design of any our panic room always includes a highly sophisticated ventilation system to ensure anyone who uses the room has fresh, clean air for prolonged periods should they need to seek refuge in the event of a home invasion. We can, of course, upgrade the entire ventilation system to deliver full NBC protection which would maintain the very highest levels of infection control for the person using the room and those still living in the house.

“We are also able to equip either a panic room or nuclear shelter with full communications systems and stock with any items of medical equipment. The internal build materials we can work also offer a high degree of sterility and hygiene with anti-bacterial surfaces and door handles for example.

Concludes Paul: “Staying safe and staying at home wherever possible, are set to be our key priorities for the foreseeable future. So, if you’re considering how you can better protect yourself and your family during these uncertain times, and beyond, the installation of an NBC nuclear shelter or panic room is just the solution you’re looking for.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the NHS and all key workers for keeping us safe and looking after us here in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic – you’re the best! #StayatHome #NHSHeroes