Here at The Panic Room Company we’re always on the look-out for ways to further improve and enhance our residential offering and, thanks to a new partnership with Alan Bishop Theme Works Limited, we’re now able to add a brand new product to our portfolio: secure garden retreats in the shape of a ‘panic cave’.

As one of the UK’s leading producers of bespoke, hand sculpted rockwork, stonework, waterfalls and trees, Alan and his team approached us with the suggestion of developing secure garden retreats, a hybrid panic cave, for clients who have large gardens.

Example of a secure garden retreat

“The idea is to design and build a panic room or safe room within the confines of the client’s garden and then discretely landscape it to completely disguise the fact that is a panic room; it’s such a clever way to deliver a tailored panic room scheme for residential clients,” comments Paul Weldon, managing director at The Panic Room Company.

Adds Paul: “Having installed panic rooms in homes, offices, embassies, hotels, compounds and schools, there is absolutely no reason why a panic cave couldn’t be added in a garden setting. We would obviously work very closely with Alan and his team on the initial design of the panic cave, as we would with architects and interior designers for example, and put together a comprehensive plan to include everything the client required, just as we would with a home installation.”

Explains Alan Bishop, founder of Alan Bishop Theme Works Limited: “We build caves and grottoes for private clients as landscape ‘follies’. Historically, these can be found in the gardens and grounds of many of the stately homes of Britain. However, the contemporary take on this is to provide an interior design service whereby we can equip and furnish the cave or grotto to the client’s specific requirements.

“Past projects have included caves with integral bars, toilet/washroom facilities, seating, large aquaria, full sound and lighting etc. The beauty is that they can also be made secure, and because they naturally merge into the surrounding landscape of the garden, they become practically ‘invisible’. Anything is possible “

Concludes Paul: “A panic cave is a truly innovative way of adding an additional layer of security to any home by creating a secure garden retreat in the event of home invasion. I’m really looking forward to working on our very first panic cave project and bringing safe and secure environments to even more homes and families.”


For more information on including a panic cave within your garden, contact Paul on +44 01709 730260 or email: