Forget panic buying toilet roll and hand soap, the way to tackle the coronavirus is with a luxurious home bunker or a ‘germ-free’ panic room according to the multi-millionaires of this world

The super-rich are choosing to self-isolate and protect themselves in their home bunkers and panic and safe rooms as the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus continues to rise across the globe.

“Even before COVID-19 became headline news, we’ve been installing luxury home bunkers, nuclear shelters and panic rooms for clients all over the world,” explains Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company.

“A high-specified nuclear shelter is ideal in this type of situation. Every nuclear shelter we design and install must include a negative pressure system to provide the correct ventilation and protection in the event of a nuclear attack. The systems we use will also prevent any pathogens from entering the shelter thus preventing the circulation of any airborne germs.

“At the same time, these shelters can be designed to include all sorts of everyday essentials and luxuries from bathrooms to a bespoke wine cellar and even a swimming pool.”

Continues Paul: “At the same time, our panic rooms, irrespective of size or location, include high-tech ventilation systems that are designed to sustain life for prolonged periods of time and, it’s worth noting, they’re not just for the rich and famous!

“Keeping your family contained within an environment in which you can control the cleanliness of everything, including the air that circulates makes huge sense during these difficult times and we are certainly seeing an increase in enquiries for our service as a result of the pandemic.”

For more information on creating a panic room, safe room or nuclear shelter in your home to beat the coronavirus, contact Paul and the team on 01709 730260 or email: