A “new breed of professional thief” is targeting the wealthy suburbs of London and the Home Counties. ‘Burglary tourism’ poses the latest risk to residents in these areas with high profile victims including top chef, Marcus Wareing and his wife, falling foul of crime.

Burglary tourism sees gangs of criminals, predominantly from South America, flying into the UK to specifically break into pre-selected homes with the objectives of stealing highly prized valuables, luxurious high-value possessions and even cash.

The four burglary tourists from Chile who broke into Wareing’s home last autumn https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/wimbledon-burglary-tourism-met-police-a4337041.html were convicted to 40 months in prison earlier this month. They were apprehended after one of the gang photographed himself wearing some of the jewellery stolen in the raid.

“Burglary tourism first came up on our radar back in 2017 when the Met established Operation Genie following a string of burglaries in the capital,” explains Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company.

“It’s almost incomprehensible that criminals are specifically highlighting wealthy individuals here in the UK and then travelling here with the sole objective of stealing from them. It’s like having to defend our homes from two different angles, home and abroad.

“Installing a panic room or safe room in any property is one of the only ways to beat these thieves at the own game. Valuables, such as jewellery or paintings, can be stored in the room and residents can also seek refuge in the room should they find themselves at home when the intruders break in. It’s a double whammy for the thieves. They can’t get at the items they want to take and the home owners are safe and secure inside the room from where they can contact the police immediately.”

Concludes Paul: “We work with many clients who wish to protect high value items, themselves and their families, it’s what we do. We’re experts at designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke safe rooms and panic rooms to provide safe haven in the event of a home invasion and offer the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to home security.”

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