Thieves have stolen over £1million worth of jewellery, cash and designer clothes from a house in Hampstead, one of London’s most expensive places to live, while a mother and her children were inside.

Detectives have called the burglary “brazen” as the intruders scaled a wall and ransacked the property close to ‘Billonaires’ Row’ with absolutely no regard for the occupants.

“This must have been a terrifying experience for the lady and her children,” comments Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company.

“No one should have to be subjected to such an ordeal in their own home and then watch as items with huge sentimental value are taken from you. Home invasion has a significant financial as well as emotional impact on anyone and I sincerely hope the culprits are found before they initiate a repeat of this crime in someone else’s property.”

Continues Paul: “We all worry about our loved ones when we’re not with them; everyone has a right to feel safe and secure after they lock the door to their home. The same can be said about our most precious belongings, items of value and sentiment, important documents, money and any other assets we own.

“Of course, beating the burglars and preventing them from ever entering our homes is key. But, if they ever do gain access, having a safe place to hide is the ultimate in home and personal protection, particularly if you find yourself ‘home alone’.

“The addition of a residential panic room or safe room is a highly effective way of providing a safe haven for both people and assets during a home invasion. Another solution is to implement a security door and security walls to seal off a room in which to seek refuge and store valuable items.

“Both of these routes are highly affordable, can be designed to bespoke requirements and incorporated very quickly and efficiently into any home. Having them in place offers much-needed peace of mind at any time of the day or night.”

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