There’s no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ panic room, safe room or nuclear shelter here at The Panic Room Company; bespoke design comes as standard for every single project we undertake.

No two houses or commercial premises are ever the same, just as no two clients ever have the same requirements. We’re individuals and, as such, every project is individual because it will have its own unique set of necessities based on a wide variety of parameters.

Over the years, we’ve specified, designed, manufactured and installed many panic and safe rooms all over the world. Each one has been different, but the process is always the same. Meeting with the client and assessing the property is the first step. This way we can find out exactly what someone has in mind and we can offer suggestions and advice based on our unrivalled experience.

Using our expert knowledge, we are able to advise and guide every client and ensure we are able to deliver the very best solution for their budget and specific needs. We often find that a person has decided where they want to locate the panic room but, when we visit, it may not be appropriate. By spending time with the client, we can show them other, more practical options such using an existing structure or feature to accommodate the panic room.

Take a look at the design below. Following a home visit and discussion, this is a drawing we created to illustrate how a panic room could easily be incorporated within a walk-in closet within the client’s property. Most people don’t even consider this but it’s often one of the very best solutions since it utilises present infrastructure and in no way interferes with the overall design of the home. It’s subtle, unobtrusive and actually complements the property, adding significant value in the long-term.

Our focus on bespoke design ensures that we exceed clients’ expectations on every project – we’re used to hearing people say: “That’s even better than I thought it would be!” and it makes all the detailed planning work more than worth it.

At the end of the day, everyone should feel as safe and secure as possible in their own home. A panic or safe room or nuclear shelter will undoubtedly deliver that protection and, when you choose The Panic Room Company, that protection will be truly bespoke to you and your family’s specific wants and needs.