Founded in 2010 by Paul Weldon, The Panic Room Company has pioneered the design, specification, manufacture and installation of affordable panic and safe rooms in the UK and across the world.

Almost 10 years later and the company remains at the forefront of protecting people and assets across the globe as the original (and still the best!) provider of bespoke panic room projects for residential and commercial clients.

By continuing to apply decades of experience in the personal security sector, The Panic Room Company has expanded its portfolio to deliver a variety of additional products and services. Working alongside a number of leading suppliers, Paul and his team are today implementing nuclear shelters, safe areas, sectional secure walling, bulletproof door sets and luxurious high security doors.

Irrespective of location or budget, customers can expect unrivalled service and attention to detail with specific focus on individual needs.

How do I go about selecting a panic room?
“No two projects are ever the same and, from day one, it’s been our objective to create a bespoke panic room that exceeds the client’s expectations and meets every single one of their personal requirements,” explains Paul. “Not every company will do this. They will often simply offer a standard, ‘off-the-shelf’ product because it’s quicker and easier for them.”

What does the process involve?
Continues Paul: “At the start of every project we take the time to fully understand exactly what someone wants from their panic room or nuclear shelter. How do they want it to fit within their home? What specifications do they have in mind? How big does the room need to be? What will be its main purpose? We ask lots of questions and end up with a very detailed brief that informs our entire proposal.

“We then present the proposal and talk the client through the process from start to finish. That way they know just what to expect when it comes to everything from install timescales and product spec, through to how the panic room will actually work and provide protection for them and their family.”

Why do I need a panic room?
“Panic rooms are the ideal place for you and your loved ones to seek refuge in the event of a home invasion or kidnap attempt, and they’re not just for the rich and famous. Burglaries continue to rise and, if an intruder enters your home you have no idea if they will be armed and will do you harm in order to get what they want. At the same time, since a panic or safe room cannot be accessed by anyone but you and your family, it is the perfect place to store cash, valuables or important documents when you’re away from your property. That way, even if burglars do break in when you’re not at home, you’re safe in the knowledge that your prized possessions are always beyond their reach.”

What commercial businesses do you work with?
“As well as designing and installing panic and safe rooms in people’s homes, we also work with hotel groups, schools, embassies and commercial offices to create safe areas for large groups of people using sectional secure walling and bulletproof door sets.

“We’ve seen huge growth in the implementation of safe areas following the rise in terrorist attacks and mass shootings over the last few years. Safe areas are relatively straightforward to add into an existing building with very little disruption to everyday operations. Once in place, they offer a safe and highly secure location for people to ‘wait out’ any potential threat.”

Unrivalled success and global expertise in panic rooms
Offering scalable levels of security, truly bespoke design and specification and expert knowledge, The Panic Room Company is the ‘go to’ global provider of the very highest quality and top performing panic and safe rooms. As the very first company to offer bespoke products and service, The Panic Room Company will always be the original – accept no imitations!