Three robbers have attacked the home of a Stellenbosch protea farmer just hours after a fellow farmer in the same region had also been attacked and shot dead

Mr and Mrs Knight have farmed and lived in Stellenbosch for 25 years and are now contemplating leaving following the violent ambush that happened on Sunday night and left Mr Knight with broken ribs.

As Mr Knight tried to stop the burglars entering the property whilst his wife sought refuge in the panic room along with their dogs. Once inside the panic room, Mrs Knight activated the panic button. She and the animals were unhurt in the attack.

“Thanks to having access to a panic room within the house, Mrs Knight was able to protect herself and the dogs AND raise the alarm with the security company and police,” explains Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company.

“Mr Knight’s selfless actions enabled his wife to seek refuge within the panic room. The panic room fulfilled its key objectives: to keep the homeowner safe and secure during a home invasion and allow the occupants to contact the relevant authorities and bring an end to the attack.”