Armed militants have stormed the luxurious Pearl Continental in Gwadar in Pakistan in a bid to attack Chinese and other foreign investors

A hotel security guard and four terrorists were killed the attack after security forces cornered the attackers on a staircase inside the hotel after a gun fight that went on for several hours.

“Attacks such as this are worryingly commonplace in the global hotel industry and this latest attack once again calls into question how we can further improve security in hotels in ‘at risk’ areas,” outlines Paul Weldon, managing director at The Panic Room Company.

“One of our suggested solutions is for hotels to implement safe areas with the specific aim of increasing and enhancing security levels. Safe areas can very easily be introduced on selected floors using sectional safe walling to isolate specific areas and provide a safe and secure place for guests and staff to sit out a terrorist attack.”

Adds Paul: “We can design, plan and install sectional safe walling very quickly and efficiently with little disruption to the hotel. It is proven to be highly effective in protecting large numbers of people and offers the ultimate peace of mind for both guests and hotel owners.

“Safe areas are accessed via a secure door, at the end of a hotel corridor for example, that would remain open at all times. In the event of a terror attack, just like a fire drill, guests and staff would make their way to the secure safe area and the door would be closed manually.”

Concludes Paul: “Safe areas make sense, they can save lives so they represent a sound are a sound investment for any hotel group wanting to offer their guests unrivalled levels of safety and security.”