As The Panic Room Company continues to grow and develop at pace, we’re delighted to welcome Pascal Tenand to the team.

Working out of his offices in Thuir in the South of France, Pascal has been appointed as our sole French agent and will be leading our sales & business development operations in the country.

Commenting on Pascal’s appointment, Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company, said: “It’s a real bonus having someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Pascal joining our global business. His enthusiasm for the company and our products was evident from our very first meeting; he’s a strategic thinker and a people person with a proven track record of providing unrivalled customer service in previous roles.

“Pascal has also invested many hours in understanding what we do and how we work to ensure he could hit the ground running. He is a real asset to us in and I’m proud to welcome him to The Panic Room Company.”

“We’ve also created a specific French website for our French-speaking clients that outlines everything we have to offer from panic and safe rooms to secure walling and bespoke nuclear shelters. Take a look at  and keep up to date on all of our work with future news articles and opinion pieces written by Pascal and our team in the UK.”