One of the most frequent enquiries we receive here at The Panic Room Company is for security doors from both residential and commercial clients and their specific projects. If you’re considering adding a security door or doors in your home, office, hotel, embassy or school, our advice is: don’t forget the security walls too!

We’ve specified and installed a wide variety security doors and bullet proof doors in projects across the world. A security door or bullet proof door can deliver a number of different applications including providing a safe and secure external entrance to a property or creating the ultimate level of protection for a panic room fitted internally in a house or a commercial environment.

It’s all well and good including a security door but it’s no good without security walls too! So, it really is imperative that security doors are used in combination with security walls or sectional safe walling. There’s no use fitting the best security door on the market within a room that features traditional plasterboard walls – the intruders will simply gain access through the wall and they’ll be able to do that very quickly!

So, to ensure a security door does the job it is intended for it needs to be part of the bespoke overall design. That’s why we work closely with all of our clients and their architects at the initial stages of a project to ensure that every is covered and that means security doors are never included without security walls. And, since all work we undertake is bespoke to each individual project, you can be more than confident that the level of security we will provide will be second to none.