Four gunmen from Somalian militant group al-Shabab have attacked a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi and killed at least 15 people, including one US citizen.

The attack was reported by the BBC other news agencies. Local police outlined how the gunmen initiated the attack by throwing bombs at vehicles in the car park and then heading into the lobby of the complex where they opened fire on those inside and one of the militants blew himself up.

Over 100 people were rescued from the complex which houses the five-star DusitD2 hotel and is located in the Westlands suburb of Nairobi just a short walk from the capital’s business district. 30 people were taken to hospital for treatment.

“This terrorist incident underlines just how important it is for hotels to focus on further improving security across their properties, particularly those situated in ‘at risk’ areas,” states Paul Weldon, managing director at The Panic Room Company.

“There are a variety of different, highly cost-efficient ways in which hotels can increase and enhance security levels including the addition of safe areas and the installation of sectional safe walling.”

Outlines Paul: “Safe areas can be created on specific floors of any building, not just hotels and are ideal for providing a safe and secure place for guests and staff to sit out an attack. Each safe area would be accessed via a secure door at the end of a hotel corridor, for example. In the event of a terrorist attack, exactly as per a fire drill, guests and staff would make their way to the secure safe area and the door would be closed manually. Once inside, occupants would be protected from anyone who has entered the building with the intent to kill or maim.”