As part of the design and specification process of our panic rooms, safe rooms and nuclear shelters, here at The Panic Room Company we will often create a CGI video of an individual project.

By generating a CGI, we are able to offer our clients a virtual tour of their bespoke panic room or nuclear shelter and highlight just what they can expect from it once it is built and installed. A CGI really helps to bring the project to life and is the ideal way to show how all the different elements come together to provide safety, security and protection from perceived threats such as home invasion, kidnap attempts or nuclear attack.

Take a look at this nuclear shelter CGI we prepared for an international client. You can see all the different levels of protection that we are proposing to include. From the triple-door entrance which includes a security wall and door set, a second security door and a blast door, to the blast hatch, internal steel supports, generator, air filter and air-conditioning, it is clear to see how the shelter will be laid out, how it will operate and the ultimate level of protection it will provide in the event of a nuclear attack.


If you’re considering including a panic room, safe room or nuclear shelter in your property and would like to see exactly how it could be incorporated, just give us a call and not only will we bring your idea to life, we’ll design, build and install it too!