Choosing to install a nuclear shelter in your property is a big decision and more and more people are approaching us to specify and build nuclear shelters for them as global political turmoil continues to increase almost on a weekly basis.

But what happens once the shelter itself is finished? It’s all well and good knowing the build project is done but a nuclear shelter certainly isn’t complete without a few nuclear shelter essentials you’ll need to turn to in the event of a nuclear attack.

In the last few weeks, we’ve been working closely with a client for whom we designed and built a nuclear shelter during the summer. The final stage of our work involved expertly advising on exactly what items are required for use within the shelter.

Our list of essentials for this particular client included: a hot & cold water dispenser using bottled water, water barrels for waste soil and water from the Portaloo and a wash basin. The client and their family will have to sleep in the shelter if nuclear war breaks out so sleeping bags and mats and blankets were a must-have for comfort and warmth as was a first aid kit for obvious reasons. Glow sticks to provide instant light, an emergency dynamo lantern and wind-up FM radio completed the itinerary alongside several other items such as a shovel, food, soap and refuse bags.

Is there anything you’d add to the list or something you’d just have to have with you in your nuclear shelter? We’d really like to know your thoughts!