As police forces across the UK are further stretched and increasingly unable to respond rapidly, if at all, to burglaries and home invasions, more and more homeowners are taking bolder measures to enhance the safety and security of themselves and their families.

This is reflected in the fact that the team here at The Panic Room Company is continuing to see an increase in enquiries for residential panic rooms.

Statistics released earlier this year showed that police were simply unable to cope with rising crime rates following continued cuts in public spending. One of the areas in which homeowners have been affected is that police officers often no longer have the time to visit the scene of every burglary; instead they receive a crime reference number which may or may not be followed up.

The installation of a panic room is becoming an option that many more individuals are contemplating in a bid to beat the burglars and instil peace of mind. Contrary to popular belief, panic rooms are highly affordable. Plus, there is also the option of creating a safe area within an existing room in the house using sectional secure walling and a security or bullet proof door behind which occupants can seek refuge in the event of a home invasion.

It’s not just the wealthy in society that can benefit from a panic room nowadays. They’re a reasonably priced security measure on a par with a quality CCTV system and can be installed quickly and efficiently in any home with minimum disruption.

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