It’s the norm for many people nowadays. Heading away on holiday means ‘checking-in at the airport’ on Facebook to let all your friends know you’re jetting off. Then, as soon as you’re on the sun lounger by the pool, posting a photo of blue skies & sunshine on your Instagram account to the envy of your family back home in the rain!

The problem is, it’s not just friends and family who can see these posts. Opportunist thieves can quite easily take a look at your profile and work out that you’re not in your house meaning your property is ‘at risk’. And if they can figure our when your home is going to be empty, it’s the perfect time for them to strike and steal your treasured belongings and valuables.

One way to thwart the scheming burglars is not to post anything on any of your social media feeds until you’re back home. Another is to consider creating a safe room within your property in which you can store jewellery, items of value and irreplaceable mementoes or family heirlooms while you’re away.

The addition of a safe room is a highly secure and cost effective way to protect your treasured possessions and provide a safe haven in the event of a home invasion.

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