A Cold War bunker, built for members of the US congress in the event of a nuclear war, has been revealed after more than 50 years. https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/975944/cold-war-era-nuclear-bunker-US-west-Virigina-the-greenbrier

Located beneath The Greenbrier, a luxury golf resort and hotel in the Apalachian mountains in West Virginia, the facility was finished in 1961 and can accommodate all 535 members of Congress and their personal assistants.

Comprising 112,554 sq ft, the bunker has a television broadcast centre, decontamination chambers, an intensive care unit and hundreds of beds.

Whilst this particular nuclear shelter isn’t currently for sale, earlier this year several Doomsday Bunkers were put on the market in South Dakota for £20,000 each.

So, next time you head off for a round of golf, spare a thought for just exactly what might lay underground below your feet. Your favourite golf course may have a secret nuclear bunker of its own!