The summer holidays are just a few weeks away and lots of us will soon be setting off for our much-needed annual summertime break.

If you’re planning to be away from home for several weeks or just for a long weekend, have you considered what you’ll do with your valuables while you’re not around? Do you usually hide items such as jewellery or cash under your bed or in the wardrobe? Or do you prefer to stash any personal documents and laptops in a kitchen cupboard or up in the attic?

The bad news is that these are the first places that any potential burglar will look. There are always lots of news items on how best to protect our homes from burglars when we’re away for any length of time such as not adding holiday photos on social media and even considering getting a gardener to mow your lawn. These are all great tips but if a burglar does gain entry to your property, they’re likely to ransack the entire place looking for valuables they can steal and then sell.

There’s only one option that will ensure complete peace of mind for years to come, whenever you’re away from home, and that’s the installation of a safe room. A safe room isn’t just a room to seek refuge in the event of a burglary, it’s also the ideal place to secure any valuables you may own from priceless oil paintings to a vintage watch that’s been in the family for years. You can store anything you like in the safe room and it will always be out of reach of any burglar.

Affordable and easily installed in a matter of days, a safe room will provide an unprecedented level of residential and personal possession security all year round. Simply contact us for more information and we’ll show you exactly how a safe room could fit into your home.