Yet more young people have lost their lives at the hands of guns in schools with 10 students killed and 10 injured in the recent attack at Santa Fe High School in the US state of Texas.

17-year old, Dimitrios Pagourtzis allegedly used a shotgun and a revolver, taken from his father who legally owned the weapons, and opened fire on his fellow pupils. After ‘giving himself up’ he was arrested and charged with murder.

As a result of these latest tragic deaths, the total number of people who have died in shooting incidents this year in the US now stands at over 5,000.

Commenting on the incident, Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company, said: “Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones in yet another devastating shooting.

“Irrespective of which country they live in, when children go to school or college they, and their teachers, should feel totally safe and secure. This simply isn’t the case in the US at present.”

Continues Paul: “In order to provide that required level of safety and security in the learning environment, the addition of safe rooms and secure areas in educational establishments must be high on the national agenda.

“It is, therefore, our common aim to save lives and protect the innocent. Our solution to preventing further loss of life is the universal inclusion of secure areas within schools for people to seek refuge in the event of a gun attack.

“Using sectional safe walling and secure doors, we can provide one or multiple safe areas in every single school in the US. These safe areas will provide the ultimate level of protection, peace of mind and, above all, save lives.”