Houses in the London stockbroker belt of Chislehurst are falling victim to a new breed of breaking and entering called ‘spree-burglary’

Thieves are monitoring their potential victims as they post images of their latest luxury purchases on social media. They then plan detailed attacks on the individual’s property where they threaten the inhabitants and the steal specific items they want.

This highly organised method of burglary is on the increase with 38 incidents of this type in this one area alone in the first two months of 2018.

Comments Paul Weldon, managing director at The Panic Room Company: “One way to beat these ‘spree burglars’ at their own game is to install a safe room within the property. Such a room will provide safe haven for the homeowner and their family in the event of a burglary and also function as a place to store valuables when away from the property for any length of time.

“It’s a highly affordable option for more and more people and represents the ideal way to further enhance existing home and personal security.”