It’s a question we often get asked here at The Panic Room Company! And everyone’s answer is different, depending on how your idea of how the world might be following a nuclear war. But it’s a very straight question and the answer is always either a definitive ‘yes’ or a resolute ‘no’, no-one ever seems to sit on the fence on this subject.

So far this year, the Doomsday Clock has stood at 2 minutes to midnight, the closest we’ve been to destroying our world since the 1953 when the US decided to pursue the hydrogen bomb. Following the decision to reset the minute hand back in January, the Metro newspaper reported on a survey completed by estate agents, eMoov, on the best places to move to in order to survive a nuclear attack

The most affordable place in the UK was Barrow-in-Furness but the article when on to report that living as far away from major nations such as the US, Russia and Europe was probably the best bet with New Zealand’s South Island coming out on top.

For most of us, however, upping sticks and emigrating to New Zealand simply isn’t an option. But, if you are one of those people who would like to still be here after a nuclear strike, there is another option: a nuclear bunker.

Creating a nuclear bunker of your own doesn’t have to cost the earth. We can design, build and install a bespoke shelter to suit your individual requirements and budget. Every nuclear bunker we build will provide protection from nuclear fallout and be equipped to sustain life for either days or months following an attack.

With all this in mind and a personal nuclear bunker being an affordable investment, depending on size and specification, maybe you should ask yourself the question “Would I want to survive a nuclear war?” again. It could be this addition to your home could change your mind.