The recent attack on the Californian headquarters of YouTube has once again led us to discuss the ways in which large, multi-national businesses can best secure buildings and ensure employee and client safety.

YouTube employees fled for their lives when 39 year-old Nasim Aghdam approached the building via an outdoor patio and dining area and began shooting with her 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun She shot and wounded three people before turning the gun on herself.

Since no-one can predict these types of attacks, the best way to prevent future losses of life in such circumstances is for organisations to invest in further enhancing security and safety for their employees.

There are numerous ways in which this can be done but perhaps the most cost effective and easy to implement is the installation of sectional secure walling to secure off large areas in businesses, offices, hotels, schools and even residential apartments.

Here at The Panic Room Company, we have created such safe areas for a wide variety of companies as well as schools and government buildings and embassies.

We are able to manufacture and install bespoke, sectional safe walling to isolate large areas effectively and provide safety and protection for groups of people in the event of a shooter entering the premises or an attempted terrorist attack. Installation is quick and easy can also include the addition of security wall and door sets for each floor of a large-scale office environment if required.

Creating and including a number of safe areas in any organisation where many people are employed could undoubtedly save lives and offer additional peace of mind to employees and their families.