School shootings in the US are so devastatingly commonplace that New York police chief, Bill Bratton, recently called them “the new norm”. With 1 shooting taking place every 60 hours so far in 2018 have strengthened our existing association with our long-term US partner, Michael Evans, and launched Panic Room USA.

With close personal links to the recent shooting at the Marjory Stone Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, our common objective is to prevent further loss of life in any educational establishment by implementing safe rooms and safe areas for pupils and teachers to shelter in the event of a shooter entering the premises.

Commenting on the partnership, Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company said: “Michael and I are utterly committed to providing a highly effective solution to these terrible events that keep happening in his country.

“Combining my own 20 years of experience in protecting people and assets with Michael’s personal expertise and knowledge gained in the USA and overseas delivering close protection and unrivalled security solutions for commercial organizations, we are both determined to make a real difference.”

Explains Michael Evans: “Utilising a combination of safe rooms, sectional secure walling to create safe areas and bulletproof door sets, every schools project we work on is different but the objective is exactly the same: to save lives and protect the innocent.

“Implementing such a system is very straightforward. We carry out a ‘threat assessment survey’, free of charge, expertly analyse the findings and present a bespoke solution for each school or college.

“Once that solution is agreed and approved, our team will design, build and install the bespoke solution quickly and efficiently so it can start protecting pupils and teachers immediately.”

Concludes Paul: “Panic Room USA exists to provide security, safety and peace of mind for your pupils, your staff, your loved ones and you. We’re all here to help and ensure these sickening gun attacks in US schools are soon resigned to the history books.”