From day one here at The Panic Room Company, we have prided ourselves on working with the very best manufacturers and using only the very highest quality components in our panic and safe rooms and other secure installations.

That’s no different for a highly specialist installation we’re currently working on in the South of England with support from leading global suppliers Roxtec, Andair AG and Temet.

With the need to create a totally airtight environment for this particular project, we needed to source a specialist sealing solution for the cables and pipes leading into this bespoke area.

As the world leader for cable and pipe transits, Roxtec offered us a wide range of safety seal products to choose from which has, in turn, enabled us to specify and purchase the ideal solution for our client.

We have also specified an SL-1 Blast Hatch from Temet, a leading provider of blast protection and special ventilation technologies for over 60 years.

The SL-1 Blast Hatch is specifically designed to stop the advance of blast waves and harmful gases into a protected area. In addition it has enabled us to create access points that are easy to build and save valuable space and money for the client with absolutely no compromise on safety, integrity or quality.

Finally, we approached Switzerland-based Andair AG, a specialist in NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) filtration and blast protection for shelter technology with over 40 years experience. Working through Andair’s UK supplier – Tom Butler Valves & Filters Limited – we are utilising the company’s extensive range of products to ensure correct ventilation and protection.