Police believe that an ex-soldier is the person responsible for a number of violent burglaries and assaults on homeowners in the south-east of England over the last three years.

Dubbed the ‘Night Watcher’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-42863601 the man is understood to stake out his targets over a number of days and strategically plan each attack. Hiding in gardens, he establishes the routine of his victims and their premises.

The most frightening element of these aggravated burglaries is that the man does not wait until the residents are out of the house. He has used cable ties to tie-up occupants, threatened them with a firearm and used “unnecessary levels of violence”.

One lady suffered terribly after she was hit repeatedly and dragged across the floor by her hair as the intruder demanded jewellery. She was home alone and was found hiding in a bedroom, still tied up, by her husband when he returned home from work.

Beating the burglars is key but if they do enter our homes, having a safe place to hide is the ultimate in home and personal protection, particularly if you find yourself ‘home alone’. A panic or safe room is one route and the other is the implementation of a security door to seal off a room in the event of a home invasion.

Both options are highly affordable, can be designed to bespoke requirements and incorporated very quickly and efficiently into any home. Having them in place offers much-needed peace of mind and each can also be used to store valuable items if the property is empty for a period of time, for example, during a holiday period.