Manchester United striker, Marcus Rashford, has invested in a number of security measures designed to increase security at his £1.8 million home in Manchester.

The 20 year-old has reportedly had cameras and locks installed that would enable him to shut off sections of his house in the event of a break-in, kidnap attempt or emergency.

Comments Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company: “Footballers have historically been the target of burglars simply because of their status and wealth. In the last couple of years, John Terry has had jewellery worth £400,000 stolen from his house in Surry and thieves attempted to burgle Wayne Rooney’s Cheshire home last year.

“Installing security and surveillance cameras is the ideal place to start but, for the ultimate peace of mind, Marcus should consider creating a safe or panic room within his property to further enhance personal and possession protection levels.”

Adds Paul: “We have vast, hands-on experience of designing, specifying, manufacturing and installing panic and safe rooms in luxury properties for sporting professionals. A panic room can easily be created to fit within the existing fabric of a home and be designed and delivered within a matter of weeks to meet every client requirement.”