We have successfully handed over our most recent residential panic room installation.

Located in the south of England, the current homeowners bought this large property late last year. They wanted to make a number of structural and cosmetic changes to make their own personal stamp on their new home and employed the services of both an architect and interior designer.

Part of their renovation brief was the inclusion of a concealed panic room and we were delighted to be brought in to design, manufacture and install the room a couple of months ago.

Explains Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company: “This particular client was focused on providing the very highest levels of home security for his young family as he travels abroad extensively on business.

“He asked us to create a place where he knew his family would have somewhere totally secure and safe to escape to in the event of an aggravated burglary or kidnap attempt and that’s exactly what we have delivered.”

Concludes Paul: “I always like to personally hand over a completed panic room and this project was no exception. I can then demonstrate and explain all of the specific features of the room, first hand, and answer any questions a client may have. It was great to finally handover the finished panic room direct to the client and leave their home safe in the knowledge that he and has family now have the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to personal security.”