According to statistics from the South African Police Service, 74 people have been murdered on farms in the country between April 2016 and March 2017, up from 58 during the previous year.

The murder count includes farmers, farm workers and visitors to farms and potentially puts those involved in agriculture at greater risk than the national average – estimates stand farm murder rate of 156 per 100,000.

“These figures beg the question of what can be done to increase the safety and security of those living, working and visiting farms throughout South Africa,” comments Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company.

Says Paul: “The installation of a safe room in a strategically placed area of the farm could certainly provide a solution and help to prevent further murders.

“A panic room doesn’t actually have to be installed inside a property it could be located in a barn, shed or other outbuilding. It would include two different types of independent communications to facilitate contact with the police, a fresh or air filtration unit and emergency lighting and provide an extremely safe and secure environment for multiple people.”

Concludes Paul: “For an extremely affordable price, farmers could invest in a bespoke safe room that would deliver both peace of mind for anyone on the farm and the ultimate in protection against potential attack and assault.”