Here at The Panic Room Company, we’re regularly asked “what’s actually required inside a panic or safe room?” and the answer is perhaps more straightforward than most people would think.

There are certainly a number of absolute ‘must-haves’ that every room must be equipped with to ensure maximum efficacy. For example, we will always specify two different forms of independent communications to enable anyone who has to use the room to contact the emergency services. A fresh or air filtration unit and emergency lighting are also two features that are included in each room we manufacture and install.

Next up are several basic items to ensure the comfort of those in the room. These include fresh drinking water, usually bottled water, blankets, food and a first aid kit. If the panic room is within a private residence, we recommend that anyone living in the house and requiring any specific medication for a particular condition such as asthma or diabetes should have a supply of that medication stored in the room.

There are a number of other useful adaptations that can be included, depending on budget and specification. Connections to any home automation or CCTV can provide a complete picture of exactly what is happening outside the panic room at any given time. This information can then be relayed to any security or emergency services personnel and could assist greatly in the safe conclusion of any home invasion or terror attack.