Another of the discussions that particularly interested us at the Security & Counter Terror Expo earlier this month was the topic of counter terrorist security at major events and venues.

A white paper from the expo highlighted the nightmarish events that unfolded in Paris on Friday 13 November 2015. Co-ordinated attacks across the city starting at the Stade de France and culminating with the massacre of concert goers at the Bataclan Theatre, made the whole world stop in their tracks and question their safety.

BBC News produced a report titled ‘What happened at the Bataclan?’ following the terror attacks which outlined how lucky survivors were able to escape the venue using a variety of means including the emergency exit leading to the street or heading up to the roof. The majority, however, sought refuge in the toilets or actually feigned death by remaining motionless on the floor.

In such situations, the advice issued by the National Police Chiefs Council and the National Counter Terrorism Policing is ‘Run, Hide, Tell’. This is exactly where safe rooms or safe areas could potentially come into play and enable people to take evasive action and enhance their chances of surviving a terror attack of this nature.

If, for example, a nightclub or theatre venue has a basement space that could very easily be adapted to provide a secure area in which a large number of people could hide during an attack. The venue would need to give anyone attending any event clear guidelines as to what to do in the event of terrorists entering the building and such preparation could hopefully help to save many lives.

To find out more about how to create a safe area within a venue or building, please don’t hesitate to contact us.