This year’s Security & Counter Terror Expo was once again hugely insightful with a variety of speakers covering some extremely important topics.

James Brandon, director of geopolitical risk at Stirling Assynt, held a seminar on ‘the threat assessment challenge for critical business and infrastructure protection in the UK’. He offered his analysis of how business risks in the UK and Europe are likely to develop, highlighting particular risk spots and vulnerable business sectors.

James talked about how terrorists may well adopt less sophisticated attack methods and what this might mean for businesses. This led us back to our own discussions with large, multi-national businesses about the best ways to secure buildings and ensure employee and client safety.

Outlines Paul Weldon, managing director at The Panic Room Company: “When the UK voted to leave the EU last summer, the decision created a degree of uncertainty around trade negotiations between the UK and Europe leading to political instability. This has undoubtedly had an effect on the electorate as has the announcement of a snap general election in June.

“These developments must be of concern to businesses as should the rise in support for anti-establishment groups in France Germany and Italy.”

Continues Paul: “There are numerous ways in which organisations can improve and enhance security and safety with solutions such as secure walls to secure off large areas in offices, hotels and schools.

“We can manufacture and install bespoke, sectional safe walling to isolate large areas effectively and provide safety and protection for groups of people in the event of a terrorist attack. Installation is quick and easy can also include the addition of security wall and door sets for each floor of a large scale office environment.”