Germany and France both suffered devastating attacks last year with terrorists driving lorries into crowds of people in Berlin and Nice.

Security specialists are now fearing the worst for Spain as ISIS has vowed to take revenge on the country for rounding up hundreds of terror suspects over the last few months.

David Videcette, a former Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism officer has said in an article in the Daily Star that Spain is “particularly at risk” of becoming a target for terrorists as tourists head to the country’s hugely popular beaches and seaside resorts such as the Costa del Sol and Costa Brava.

Commenting on the warning, Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company, said: “One of the ways in which lives could be saved in the event of a terrorist attack in a Spanish holiday resort is with the implementation of easily accessible safe or secure areas in, for example, hotels or within public places close to the beach.

“These safe areas can be ‘locked down’ at the first sign of an attempted terrorist attack and can keep a large number of people secure and shielded until the attack has been safely brought to a conclusion.”