The terror attack ten days ago at one of the world’s most famous and popular tourist attractions, the Louvre museum in Paris, thankfully didn’t result in any loss of life.

Having read about the attack in The Telegraph we were very interested to note that: “hundreds of panicked visitors at the Louvre were rushed to secure rooms inside the sprawling museum after the assault.”

Comments Paul Weldon, managing director at The Panic Room Company: “Secure rooms or safe areas in public places can definitely save lives and I think we will only hear more and more about their unique benefits as the global terrorism threat continues unabated.

“The introduction of safe areas with capacity for large numbers of people will be more commonplace, particularly in and around global tourist attractions where there are often minimum security checks. Having an area that can be ‘locked down’ in the event of a terrorist attack isn’t difficult to introduce and is highly effective in a variety of locations including hotels, commercial areas and schools too.”

Continues Paul: “The French government has already commissioned the construction of a 2.5m reinforced glass screen around the Eiffel Tower, for example, at a cost of £25m. I feel certain that security officials over the Channel in London will be contemplating similar measures to ensure the safety of the millions of people who visit the capital each year, not to mention those who live and work in the city.”