If you want to have flexibility around having a safe room or simply have access to a panic room for a set period of time for additional security, we’ve got just the answer.


Explains Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company: “Renting a safe room is a highly affordable and flexible alternative to a full asset purchase. The rental option is ideal for any commercial or residential client wanting to increase security in the workplace or private residence.


“A rented safe room can be very easily relocated whenever and wherever a client requires and adapted to suit a variety of different environments. From first call to installation only takes 5-6 weeks too so the benefits of having a safe room within the premises or in a property can be realised very quickly and efficiently.”


Concludes Paul: “With prices starting from £950 per month (T&Cs apply), renting a safe room is both an affordable and accessible option for businesses and individuals who want the utmost peace of mind at a time when terror threats and violence are increasingly commonplace.”